Stress Management

Well-designed, organised and managed work is good for us but when insufficient attention to job design, work organisation and management has taken place, it can result in Work related stress.

Work related stress develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them. The common causes of stress at work tend to be: boring and repetitive work patterns, poor physical working environments, isolated working situations, difficult communication between colleagues, and possible continuous harassment from managers to meet deadlines. When jobs and careers are also badly conducted by an organization, this can also cause stress to the employee.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I offer Cognitive Behavioural- low intensity, which looks at how we think and behave, and feel consequently as a vicious cycle. This vicious cycle is working against us and we cannot break it when we get “stuck in a rut” of unhelpful behaviours. The counselling is about setting up plans and following methods to change patterns of behaviours so we can change our thoughts and feelings therefore.

Pet Bereavement

Bereavement Pet Counselling is designed to help people cope more effectively with the grief of their pet. I use integrative psychotherapy theory to:

  • Help you understand your mourning process
  • Explore what is preventing you moving on
  • Help resolve areas of conflict and guilt
  • Help you adjust to a new situation

Psychodynamic Counselling

This is a way of understanding how we think, feel and act that considers the influence of relationships, past and present. It promotes greater self-awareness so that we might notice and feel more in control of the unhelpful ways we can find ourselves acting and feeling, often without thinking.  Sometimes these were helpful ways of coping at one time in our lives but may not be so helpful anymore and we may feel as if they’re holding us back now.