first session

So what happens in the first session with a Psychotherapist?

One imagines that during the first session or two, I decide whether what i offer, both in terms of time and of expertise, is going to be valuable to the client, and whether the client will be able to make good use of the opportunity. However, that is not all that happens in the first session!

In the first sessions, what really happens is a mutual assessment, with clients also deciding whether psychotherapy is right for them.

During the assessment, I will not simply be assessing clients at present but also their projective capacity to use psychotherapy in the future.

There are many things that play a part in this decision, including whether talking therapy is the right mode of communication for that client, or if a more direct approach such as medication or a different therapy would be more appropriate.

Ultimately, although it is the clients’ decision to continue with the sessions,  this would only occur if we both agreed this was the best direction to take for the client.