Who Seeks For help at The StressCatcher?

Who Seeks For help at The StressCatcher?

I see a whole range of people here:

·         people who are having problems with their relationships, with friends and family,

·         with school or working life,

·         with depression, anxiety, with self-harm or suicidal thoughts,

·         with problems related to self-esteem, eating difficulties,

·         and with experiences of abuse and trauma, including violence, family break-up, bereavement.

Sometimes people come to me with an established diagnosis (e.g. depression, anorexia, personality disorder). Often the problem is more complex and difficult to clarify. This does not limit my work and I do see people with and not limited to issues such as:

  • ·         dislike of appearance
  • ·         drug and alcohol issues
  • ·         difficulties leaving home
  • ·         difficulties coping with school, work, college or university problems, or unemployment
  • ·         problems following difficult early life experiences, including abuse, neglect or trauma

Mostly people come when they are facing a crisis of one type of another, as it is when our coping skills seem to fail us most that we realise that we no longer function as we wished we once did.

As I often find myself working with people that are at a crossroads in life; a particular crisis, and the therapies I am trained in are particularly helpful for this.