What happens then?

We would have a series of assessment sessions to help you to think about your difficulties and what therapy might be helpful in the long-term, if anything.

During this assessment, we will discuss the different types of therapy I offer and explain the pros and cons of them. I will also recommend the most suitable one for you.

Occasionally, after the assessment, we might refer you to another service. We would discuss this with you first.

Sometimes it can feel frightening to start to talk about how you’re feeling and there might be a part of you that wants help but another that finds accepting it difficult. I hope to help you get to a place where you can talk, if you want to.

If you are feeling nervous, or anxious, or angry, or confused about coming to see me, it helps if we discuss how you are feeling, even if it is something negative.

Once the assessment is completed, the treatment begins.

The cost of each session is currently £46.50 but depending of your circumstances, there are some concessions.

Unlike some therapist, I charge from the first session, as the work has already begun from the moment you walk into my practice. It wouldn’t be fair to you or to myself to give you a lesser quality work for free, especially during such a crucial time as an assessment.